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  • Gloria in Kenya as Director of Congressional Relations for the U.S. Peace Corps, 1999

    Gloria Johnson-Cusack Featured on CNN.com

    When Gloria joined us in April, she brought with her a burning passion to create more opportunities for more people through philanthropy. Her motivation? Her own life experience.

    We are pleased to promote that CNN.com has included her as part of an ongoing digital series on upward mobility in America. As a native Washingtonian, Johnson-Cusack grew up in de facto segregated communities, attended rough public schools, and eventually matriculated to Sidwell Friends college preparatory school and Columbia University on scholarships and extensive financial aid. Her personal journey, grounded in unwavering community support, is a testament to her belief that where you grow up should not predetermine who you grow up to be. Her story reinforces the broader message of our highest priority at the National Human Services Assembly: Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Check out the feature from CNN.com >>

  • Welcome Gloria Johnson-Cusack!

    Welcome Gloria Johnson-Cusack!

    The National Human Services Assembly is pleased to welcome Gloria Johnson-Cusack as President and CEO of NHSA and National Assembly Business Services effective April 6, 2015. Johnson-Cusack brings more than 20 years of expertise informed by leadership positions in the private sector, charitable sector, U.S. Congress, federal and municipal government, national presidential campaigns, and the White House. We invite you to view Gloria's welcome message to learn about her vision for the National Assembly as our new CEO and leader.

    To learn more about Gloria, read the press release here

  • Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Two-Generation Solutions

    Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Two-Generation Solutions

    The recent economic downturn has tremendously impacted communities and families in the United States, especially young families. There is a growing chorus of voices calling for new models and solutions that meet the needs of both young parents and their children collectively. Two-generation programming provides an important poverty reduction roadmap for young families, making service providers, policy makers, and government officials critical stakeholders in moving this strategy forward. We are pleased to release our policy report, Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Young Families: Two-Generation Policy Recommendations, thanks to generous support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and ASCEND at the Aspen Institute. Read the report >>

  • BRIDGING THE GAP: Workplace Toolkit

    New Employer Toolkit: Financial and Work Stability for Low Wage Workers

    This toolkit is designed to help employers assist their low-wage workers increase their financial stability through access to work supports. Aside from helping employees make ends meet, enrollment in work supports also has a positive effect on employee attendance, retention and performance. The supports that this toolkit refers to are resources employers can help employees access, from government programs that help working families make ends meet, such as medical assistance and child care, to caring workplace practices like flexible schedules and paid leave. The findings, recommendations and conclusions from this work are applicable to increasing low-wage workers' financial stability in any industry or sector. Open the toolkit»

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Retaining and Developing High Potential Talent

NHSA’s Retaining and Developing High Potential Talent toolkit offers best practices and mini‐cases from member organizations on what research indicates are the three most important areas you can invest in for retaining High Potentials: onboarding, employee mentoring and succession planning.

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