July 11, 2014
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TOP STORY: WIOA Passes the House
In a rare sign of bipartisanship support for human services and human development, a reauthorized Workforce Investment Act passed by an incredible majority of 415-6 in the House of Representatives, and by an overwhelming margin last month in the Senate, 95-3. The job training bill, renamed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, includes provisions focused on supporting disconnected and opportunity youth, and it also continues support for programs including YouthBuild.

Employment is just one piece of the puzzle for ensuring that families are financially secure, and the National Human Services Assembly and many of its members have focused on ensuring all families have the opportunities for education, job readiness, work supports, and asset building. Learn more about the work being done by NHSA and some of its members

For more perspectives on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, see:
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The Disability Equality Index measures disability inclusion policies and practices. The DEI is an online tool that gives an objective score to businesses. The tool is sponsored by the American Association of People with Disabilities and the US Business Leadership Network
. Learn More

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We're less than two months away from Sept. 7 and Generations United would love to highlight your creative ideas through blogs, social media and Generations This Week e-newsletter. Let them know. If you haven't decided on an activity yet, then visit for resources, ideas and information. 

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