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  • NEW REPORT - Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe At Home and Out of Youth Prisons

    NEW REPORT - Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe At Home and Out of Youth Prisons

    NHSA's National Collaboration for Youth (NCY) released Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe at Home and Out of Youth Prisons, a report that can serve as a handbook for juvenile justice administrators, legislators, judges, the non-profit community and youth advocates for how to end the practice of youth incarceration, promote public safety and restore a sense of belonging for young people in their homes and neighborhoods. Collective experiences tell us that communities that are often characterized by intense needs also have extraordinary assets which can easily be overlooked. The report advocates for leveraging those assets to meet the needs of communities and to provide greater resources for neighborhood-based services and programs. Learn more >>

  • Launch of Generation to Generation Campaign

    Launch of Generation to Generation Campaign

    NHSA is proud to collaborate for the Generation to Generation Campaign (Gen2Gen), which is a five-year campaign to mobilize 1 million people over 50 to help young people thrive, and unite all ages to create a better future. Powered by and with a strong coalition of partner organizations, this campaign will highlight opportunities for older adults to make a difference in the lives of young people, support innovative pilot programs, and demonstrate impact through sharing inspirational stories and best practices. Generation to Generation will shine the light on people and organizations already working across the generations and invite more to get involved. Learn more and join the campaign, alongside several other NHSA members.

  • State-Level Framework for the Two-Generation Approach

    State-Level Framework for the Two-Generation Approach

    This report takes a closer look at state-level implementation of Two-Generation (Two-Gen) policy and programming across three states--Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah. The report provides: (1) background and context for the Two-Gen approach taken by each state; (2) an overview of the Two-Gen programs at the state level; and (3) a "policy map" providing a graphic representation of the Two-Gen framework in each state. This work brings to bear salient inflection points from the interviews across three states, which represents the challenges that the three states have faced and, in many cases, the solutions chosen to address them. The report can serve as a resource for stakeholders in other states looking to strategically and intentionally implement Two-Gen solutions in their communities. Read the report >>

  • Read the Latest GrantStation Insider

    Read the Latest GrantStation Insider

    We have partnered with to provide you free access to GrantStation Insider, a weekly newsletter featuring 12 unique funding opportunities. Read the latest issue >>

  • Reframing Human Services Tools

    Reframing Human Services Tools

    We are proud to showcase our reframing toolkit online!

    Collaborating with our members, partners and funders, the Assembly’s National Reframing Initiative seeks to build public understanding of human services to encourage more vibrant civic participation and deepen support for effective programs. As part of this multi-year initiative, generously funded by the Kresge Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Assembly engaged the FrameWorks Institute to develop an evidence-based strategy for reframing the work of the sector. We now have a robust set of tools available to equip our members and partners to integrate this new narrative into their advocacy, communications, and resource development strategies.

    Check out the tools >>

  • Improving Employee Well-Being Through the Financial Stability First Model

    Improving Employee Well-Being Through the Financial Stability First Model

    We recently released a discussion brief on Financial Stability First (FS1), an NHSA initiative generously funded by MetLife Foundation. NHSA conducted a pilot project in three human service agencies to determine whether financial navigators in the workplace could be deployed to assist low-wage employees. The goal was to create a foundation of financial stability through outreach, education and access to a range of financial products and services. Outcomes showed the value of intentional organizational efforts to work with low-wage employees to increase their financial stability has positive effects and increased employee confidence, skills, and well-being. Download the brief >>

Initiatives & collaborations

The National Reframing Human Services Initiative is a national initiative to create a new narrative for human services and to encourage more vibrant civic participation and deepen support for effective programs.


National Collaboration for Youth comprises National Assembly members with a special interest in youth development.


The National Assembly is proud to be a partner with Generation to Generation to mobilize adults 50+ to show up for young people — and advance the national conversation on what can be accomplished when generations come together.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in young families

There is a growing chorus of voices calling for new models and solutions that meet the needs of both young parents and their children collectively. Two-generation programming provides an important poverty reduction roadmap for young families, making service providers, policy makers, and government officials critical stakeholders in moving this strategy forward.

Read the publication»

Financial and Work Stability for Low Wage Workers

NHSA's Bridging the Gap: Financial and Work Stability for Low Wage Workers is a toolkit designed to help employers assist low-wage workers in increasing their financial stability through access to work supports.

Open the toolkit >>

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