A Special Word about Interdependence and Reframing Human Services

The interdependence of human needs and human services is a compelling reason for reframing human services. It is the reason for developing a narrative in which the public is helped to understand that having needs and seeking services is normative, and that an array of distinct but interrelated services is necessary for people in a society to prosper.

Most human needs go beyond the capacities of individual organizations.  We are not banks or grocery stores competing to supply the same services, with small variations and different marketing.  Human service organizations are specialized by the kinds of services they provide, the needs they meet, and the populations they serve. 

If we are doing well by the individuals and families we serve, we are ensuring that they are connected with other human services and resources to address their needs.  While human service organizations and practitioners are not of a single profession or discipline, connecting people with services beyond our own capacities is an ethical obligation of professionals and organizations operating in this space. As human needs are interdependent, human services are, or need to be, interdependent as well.

All of this is to say that reframing human services is a journey, one we can take together and should bring our constituents along with us.  

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