The New Employer Toolkit is Here!

NHSA is proud to release the New Employer Toolkit to help improve the financial and work stability of low wage workers! The tool kit comes after the completion of the Bridging the Gap demonstration project, a three-year program that engage human services organizations to deliver workplace services to help enroll low-wage, front-line workers in work supports. 

The tool kit helps guide all human services organizations in implementing similar work support programs for their low-wage, frontline workers. Benefits noted during the demonstration program include less employee absences, reduction in turnover, and improvements in the quality of life of their employees. Work supports are a crucial way for low-wage, frontline employees and their families to bridge the gap between income and expenses in pursuit of financial stability.

While the toolkit is targeted at human services organizations, any industry or sector can use the toolkit to implement their own programs for the benefit and well-being of their employees.

Learn more and download your copy of the New Employer Toolkit.