10 Effective Policies to Lift Parents and Children Out of Poverty

Today, nearly 45 percent of all children live in low-income families, and almost 3/4ths of them are in single-mother households. Earlier this month, Ascend at the Aspen Institute released anew report, "Top Ten for 2Gen," as a culmination of a 3-year discussion with professionals and families about how two-generation strategies can best support families, and how those strategies can be supported by new and updated policies.

Two-generation programs meet the needs of and create opportunities for children and parents together, focusing on the core areas families need to get ahead and stay ahead. And most importantly, these strategies have strong, popular support: 84% support Head Start Partnerships, 86% support mental health screening for parents and children, and 73% support child-care subsidies for Parents in college or workforce training programs.

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