Aging Adults Optimistic About What Lies Ahead

via USA Today and NCOA

They're either optimistic or delusional, but 89% of older adults and 84% of younger adults say they're confident they can maintain a high quality of life throughout their senior years.  The United States of Aging Survey is part of a joint effort by the National Council on Aging, National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, UnitedHealthcare and USA TODAY.

In its third year, the survey comprised 3,279 telephone interviews, including nationally representative samples of Americans 60 and older and adults 18-59. To explore different perspectives on aging preparedness, the 2014 survey oversampled key audiences, including low-income seniors (ages 60 and older with a household income of less than $15,000), socially-isolated seniors (ages 60 and older who live alone and express feelings of loneliness) and seniors from three different markets (ages 60 and older). Local markets for the 2014 survey included Cleveland, Dallas and Newark, N.J.

USA Today reports that the reasons for optimism vary, but support of friends and family is at the top, followed by being happy about their living situation, being well-prepared financially, being in good health and generally being optimistic.