Kessler Foundation Commissions National Disability Employment Survey

Kessler Foundation has commissioned the University of New Hampshire Survey Center (UNH-SC) to conduct a national survey on the employment situation of Americans with disabilities.  The results of the 2014 National Employment Survey on the Status of Americans with Disabilities will be released in July 2015 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The employment gap is a significant one. In 2012, 73.6% of working age (18 to 64) people without disabilities were employed, compared with 32.7% of people with disabilities, a gap of 40.9%.

"Our goal is to maximize employment opportunities for people with disabilities, the largest minority in the U.S.," said Rodger DeRose, president and chief executive officer of Kessler Foundation. "This in-depth survey will provide detailed information about the current status of employment and support efforts to identify innovative strategies that result in long-term employment for large numbers of people."