Brief on School Success


 March 3, 2011

 National Collaboration for Youth/National Human Services Assembly

Washington DC

The National Collaboration for Youth, a 40+ year coalition of leading national nonprofit youth development agencies, released today a brief on the impact of youth development programs on student academic success.  The brief cites evaluations and profiles of a sample of diverse community-based programs that affect student performance and reduce negative outcomes.  Among them:

  • Students in the Boys and Girls Club Student Enrichment Project had higher grade averages and scores in reading, spelling, history, science and social studies than a control group.
  • Participants in the Teen Outreach Program has significantly less risk of pregnancy, school suspension, and course failure than controls.

The brief cites the importance of a full-range of developmental assets, in school, in the home and in the community, that youth need to succeed.  It indicates that “meaningful progress in improving educational outcomes must involve multiple stakeholders and a variety of sustained efforts over time.”

“It’s great that education reform and high school graduation rates are getting the attention they require,” said Irv Katz, President of the National Human Services Assembly and a representative of the National Collaboration for Youth, “but we’re missing the boat if we don’t actively and aggressively involve the youth development programs that collectively reach nearly as many children as the public schools and that have no objective other than to help youth succeed in life.” 

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